Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

Maryland to Alaska and Back in a 1994 ZR-1
Part 7
image109Along the route of the railroad, it is still possible to see the trail that thousands of men followed when they walked the 21 miles up the Chilcoat Valley to White Pass:

After a restful night in the Historic Skagway Inn, a former brothel, we got an early start to board the car ferry to sail on the Alaskan Marine Highway from Skagway to Haines, Alaska:



Haines is a very small town, a little south of Skagway. We stopped for a fill up, since the next service was 180 miles away. The good news was that I was able to fill up with premium for the first time in several days. The bad news was the price:
From Haines, we drove north up the Haines Highway to get back to the Alaska Highway. I am running out of ways to describe how beautiful the scenery is in Western British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. The day started off cloudy but we got some sun as we got farther north. The weather was nice for traveling, but it did get a little cool when there was cloud cover.


We made a short stop to hike out to Million Dollar Falls:

On Friday, the 11th day of our trip, we left Haines Junction, Yukon and headed northwest on the Alaska Highway toward Alaska. The first part of today's route ran along Kluane National Park. The park is dominated by the St Elias Mountains:

As we moved further north, we traveled on the high Yukon tundra. The tundra is a wet swampy area that in the winter is frozen deep under ground. In the summer months, the surface melts and there are large areas of standing water that cannot drain into the soil. The plants that thrive in the tundra include the Black Spruce, the tall, skinny, scruffy-looking evergreens that dominate the forests. The Black Spruce trees may be hundreds of years old. They grow slowly and it may take 100 years to reach a two-inch diameter trunk: