Corvette Road Trip
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Maryland to Alaska and Back in a 1994 ZR-1
Part 14
And then we spotted a humpback whale. After several tries, I caught this photo as the whale put on a display right in front of the boat:


Surprise Glacier was amazing. The front of the ice at the waterline is about half a mile wide. The colors in the ice are amazing:


On Thursday, we left Anchorage and drove up the Glenn Highway to Tok, Alaska. Of all the roads we drove in Alaska, the Glenn Highway has the most stunning views of the mountains. The highway runs along the north side of the Chugach National Forest which contains the Chugach Mountains:



About 100 miles north east of Anchorage, Mantuska Glacier is very close to the highway. There are many views of the ice and the Mantuska River:


We stopped at the Long Rifle Lodge for lunch. Here is the view from the dining room:


Further up the Glenn Highway, the upper reaches of the glacier can be scene:


Along the road, Lyndi got this photo of another Bald Eagle:


On Friday, we left Tok, Alaska and drove east on the Alaska Highway, reversing our route of a week before. The morning started out could and cloudy. It was 38 degrees when we left Tok:


Tok is about 80 miles from the Canadian Border, and after 9 days in Alaska, we left for the last time:


The drive from the Canadian Border to Whitehorse, Yukon starts off with the worst road surface on the Alaska Highway. Other than getting some dirt on the Z, we made the trip with no problems.

Near Kluane Lake, Lyndi caught this photo of a Bald Eagle landing on a tree top:


As we approached Whitehorse, we came across one of the most rural post office boxes we have seen. In this shot you can see how dirty the Z got from driving through all of the road construction:


We arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon and were surprised. It is a modern city that has not lost its pioneer roots. We were very impressed:


On Saturday, our underway was delayed due to a dead battery. Apparently I bumped the courtesy light switch and they were on overnight. Luckily, my Emergency Road Service works in Canada and I got a service truck to give me a jump start.

We left Whitehorse and headed east on the Alaska Highway. The weather was similar to the last few days, cool in the morning with cloud cover; The landscapes east of Whitehorse are beautiful: